Agreed Procedures for Behavior for 2017-2018                                                             

 reviewed 10/26/2017


What is our goal for behavior as a building...To change student behavior, not to punish .


Before 7:00 - Students are not allowed on campus prior to 7:00


7:00 – 7:25 - Students are allowed in the breakfast room, field, Commons or library between 7:00 and 7:25.  Students must go to breakfast prior to going outside or the library. Students may not wander the halls or be in the building or by the portables.  NO students can hang out in front of the school.


7:25 – All students move to their classroom. Students walk on the right side of hallways, no more than two side by side, inside voices.


7:30 – All students in seats and ready when the bell rings.  Students who arrive late must go to the office for a late slip.  If a student comes to class late with a tardy slip and the teacher has already taken attendance, Mr. Reyes will change the absence to a tardy.  He will also mark whether the tardy is excused or unexcused. 


All periods and Homecourt - All students late to any class must go to the office for a late slip. Chronic (unexcused) tardy students will have parent contact by teacher. Staff may notify admin if they feel the student’s attendance is getting chronic and/or disruptive.  Office/Admin will assign detention for chronic tardiness. Teachers will not assign detentions for tardies.


Small group movement through the halls during class time –

  • Student with student movement - no talking, no more than 2 side by side
  • Adult with student movement – quiet talking, 2 side by side
  • Adult with adult movement – quiet talking
  • When testing or tutoring is going on in the hall – no talking by all students and adults


Hallway expectations – No loitering, no yelling, no running, walk on the right, no more than 2 side by side, must be in assigned area.  All students must have a hall pass when in the halls during class time.


Portable expectations-  No students are to be around the portable unless they have a class. No outside loitering by the portables at any time.


Lunch – Once students finish eating (must be in cafeteria for a minimum of ten minutes), students can hang out in the commons, go outside or go to the library.  Once the student leaves the cafeteria, they are not allowed back.  Once they are outside, they can’t come back in.  No food outside of the cafeteria. Teachers may allow food in their room, but will take responsibility for any mess created. Students exit only through the doors between the gym and library when going outside from the cafeteria.  Footballs are to be used on field only.


Hallway expectations during third period - Quiet, respectful talking only so classes in session are not disrupted.


End of the day – All students go directly to their area, i.e. bus pick-up, car pick-up, assigned after school support area or walk off campus. No loitering on campus. Students need to walk only after school. 


Bathrooms – During class time, students may only use the bathroom with a pass and must sign in/out when leaving/returning.  During lunch time, students may use the Commons bathroom only. Students in the portables will use the main building bathrooms only.  Students may not use the bathrooms in the Commons area unless they have class in the commons or are at lunch.


Students that need to be removed from the class due to inappropriate, non-threatening behavior - Staff will call Freddy (32002), Shanda (32001), Jeff (32007), LeAnne (32011), Evelyn (32010), or Pam (32129). Do not use 5555. Emergencies or aggressive, threatening behavior use 5555.


Staff has agreed to the following:


  1. Staff will be visible and greet students during passing times according to the visibility schedule.
  2. Commons – Students are only allowed in the Commons if they have lunch or class.
  3. No cell phones, personal electronics, and/or headphones in the building between 7:00 – 2:05 (after school once they are outside), EXCEPT by teacher permission and monitoring in class only.  First offense, the phone comes to the office until the end of the day.  Second offense, the phone comes to the office and the student calls home with adult supervision of the phone call.  Third offense, it comes to the office and admin/security contacts parent/student for parent pick-up.
  4. No hats or blankets allowed. Hoodies can be worn outside, but must be worn so the face can be clearly seen. These items must also be out of sight between 7:00 – 2:05 (after school once they are outside). If a student is cold, please send them to the counselor.
  5. Drinks - Outside drinks are not allowed in the school. Water bottles with water only will be allowed in the classroom and long as the water bottle is not causing a disruption to the learning environment or the student’s learning.
  6. Gum – Allowed, although teachers have the right to not allow gum in their class.  Admin has the right to change this policy if gum becomes a problem.
  7. Items from home are not allowed at school if it disrupts the learning environment, i.e. toys, etc.
  8. No inappropriate PDA.
  9. Students needing help before school can go to the office for assistance in locating the teacher. After school help will be arranged directly with the teacher.
  10. All teachers will encourage positive relationships and positive reinforcement opposed to punishment. Remember, the goal is to change behavior, not to punish.
  11. Assembly expectations:  Students go to HC until routines are established and then students will go directly to any assembly. Admin will determine when routines have been established. All staff will sit in assigned areas or will be in close proximity of their HC students if the students are sitting on the floor. All staff will attend assemblies.
  12. Substitute support – All teachers will be assigned a buddy classroom teacher. Teachers will welcome subs and offer assistance, when needed.
  13. Skyward/communication - (procedures and communication procedures are still being investigated)
  14. All staff will support these agreed upon procedures so as a staff we are consistent, consistent, consistent!